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Change in schedule

Due to pressures and demands in my work life the weekly schedule for this blog is changing to “intermittent–it happens when it happens.” With the change and addition of responsibilities I do not have the time and (more importantly) the mental stamina to prepare the stories for the blog. I will continue working on the stories when I can and posting them when they are ready.

Thank you for understanding.



Wake Up To Reality

This is a continuation of the InMon story from a month ago, The Unanswered Phone. If you’ve not yet read that story, I recommend you start there.  ~DBJ


Peter and Shaun ran through the fading twilight. Neither had a destination in mind, knowing only they needed to be far from the apartments and the chiming phone before the murderous creatures arrived to investigate. Their knowledge of the area since all hell broke loose almost a week ago was what could be seen from their windows. They avoided the jagged edges Read more…

No story this weekend…

Due to illness, work requirements, and helping a friend move…well, I won’t have a story ready for this weekend. I will have one ready for next weekend.

In the meantime, check out Flash Pulp.  You’ll be glad you did!

Uncle Ernest

Uncle Ernest played his cards close to his vest even when he wasn’t at the poker table. He was always running a scam or a con, and he was good at it. Mom would say he wasted his life playing cards but she only saw the side of her brother she wanted to see. Read more…

Voices Week (Reblogged)

This looks like a fun exercise to stretch the old creative muscles. If you write (or have thought of writing), join me in doing this!


Yes folks, Voice Week is back—and we’ve got less than two months to get ready for it.


What is Voice Week?

Voice Week is the time the InMonsters (and anyone else who wants to join in) all step outside the voices we are used to and try writing something new. We’ll each write five different 100-word pieces—each piece told in a different voice. We’ll post a piece a day, Monday through Friday, in the first week of October. Then we’ll hop around to each other’s blogs, reading, commenting, learning, and offering constructive criticism. There’ll also be a prize or two awarded to randomly-selected voice writers (exact prize(s) to be announced soon).


What is voice?

Voice is the personality infused into your writing—from the words you choose, to the structure and rhythm of your sentences, and other little details, like whether you add accents or grammatical errors on purpose…

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Facing the darkness…

One day I may set my hand to writing some non-fiction, but it’s not something that particularly interests me. I mean…what’s the draw of writing non-fiction? Reporting the facts? Telling the truth? It seems like it would be too confining to only report what actually happened…and who determines the facts (much less the truth) of whatever happened?  Strangely enough…I think there are far too many Read more…

Some Things You Can’t Hide

“It don’t look too bad,” Steven said over the wind blowing through the windows of the blue and rust Chevette.

“What do you mean by ‘too bad’? Is Mom gonna notice it or not?” Dan divided his attention between the road, his kid brother in the passenger seat, and the rear view mirror.

“Oh yeah. You ain’t hiding that. Read more…

Bound By Silence: Rage


The following story contains mature themes and situations that some readers may find disturbing. Discretion is advised.

Read more…

The Charred Tree Wiki is LIVE!

Just a quick note to announce that I have set up a wiki for The Charred Tree. This is as much a method for me to keep stories, characters, places, and timelines straight as for anything else. However, a friend suggested I make it available to my readers to use and explore…and I think that’s a grand idea!

So…here it is! Feel free to peruse the wiki. Most pages are stubs at this time but I plan to flesh them out over time. If you have enjoyed the tales from The Charred Tree and want to add some insight or fill in some of the blanks, please do so. The only thing I ask is that information added be put on the proper page with the stipulation that I may edit pages for format, move information to the proper page, or remove information that does not relate to the stories published here.


Somewhere Out There

Cheryl Watson sipped from a corrugated paper cup. It wasn’t that good—just what the hotel provided with the coffee maker—but it was hot and it woke her up. She stood on the room’s balcony overlooking the pounding surf. The windows provided a great view of the beach but the torrents of rain beating against them through the night had made sleep impossible.

Read more…

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