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Wake Up To Reality

This is a continuation of the InMon story from a month ago, The Unanswered Phone. If you’ve not yet read that story, I recommend you start there.  ~DBJ


Peter and Shaun ran through the fading twilight. Neither had a destination in mind, knowing only they needed to be far from the apartments and the chiming phone before the murderous creatures arrived to investigate. Their knowledge of the area since all hell broke loose almost a week ago was what could be seen from their windows. They avoided the jagged edges Read more…


Bound By Silence: Rage


The following story contains mature themes and situations that some readers may find disturbing. Discretion is advised.

Read more…

Diaspora: Prickles and Thorns

“Ciyige!” the woman at the metal desk barked. There was so much gold piping and embroidery on her uniform Jon would have thought it gaudy in any other context. Considering he was flanked by BDU-clad military police armed with stun batons, her uniform seemed just the right amount of pomp to balance the dreary circumstances. “Next!” One of his keepers pushed him forward and Jon stumbled Read more…

Story Installment Lists–Serial Stories

Greetings again, Faithful Readers!

I just wanted to take a moment to draw everyone’s attention to the installment lists I’ve placed on the site. One potential problem with serial stories is that some readers may join midstream and miss the first part of the story. By providing a list of the installments (in chronological order), those just joining in can catch up and those wanting to go back and revisit earlier installments can easily find them.

The link is at the top of the page (see the screenshot below for details) and there are separate lists for Bound By Silence and Diaspora.

Enjoy!  If you have suggestions for improvements to the site, please contact me at charredtree (at) “GeeMail” (dot) com (you know what to do to fix that! 😉 ).

Bound By Silence: A Bitter Draught

The crystal wine glasses redirected and amplified the light from the lamps around the room. Faithe sighed to herself as she realized the burgundy glow from the glasses around each setting looked like blood stains on the white cloth covering the table.

Read more…

Diaspora: The Veracity of Need

“No food today. Come back day after tomorrow. Maybe then.” The woman in the gray uniform of the Commissariat of Sustentation held out the ration chit without looking up. Gold threads in the uniform’s piping and insignia flashed with each movement. The dancing bursts of reflected light pulled Jon Hooper’s attention to the gaudy patch—an oriental dragon encircling an eagle holding sheafs of grain in its claws. It was supposed to symbolize the government’s commitment to provide for the people. Read more…

Diaspora: Someone Else’s Mail

“Wake up, Boss.” Nora’s voice came from somewhere near the center of the dark compartment that served as a stateroom aboard the frameship. The lights began coming up and the recorded sounds of flowing water faded to silence. “It is 1143 and we are approaching 2004 XR190. Braking maneuver will begin in 22 minutes, 15 seconds.” Read more…

Bound By Silence: Bygones In The Street

Dust rose from the cobbles along with the day’s heat. The casks on the tilting cart were dangerously close to falling. A gang of workers struggled to lift the cart and repair it while the teamster calmed the horse harnessed at the front. The frightened animal had sidestepped when the left wheel had failed and slewed the rig to the right blocking the whole street. It wasn’t long before a crowd gathered to watch and tempers began to flare. Read more…

Bound By Silence: Catching Up

“Thomas!” Faithe rose from her chair and ran across the room. “I am so glad you came. You’ve been gone far too long.” Her embrace brought the smell of roses to Thomas’s nose—not cloying like with their mother, but fresh and clean. “Come sit. Collette, please have Mags send more tea and breakfast.” The serving girl left the room through the door Thomas had entered. Read more…

Diaspora: A Near Thing

The white Queen’s Bishop glided along the diagonal of dark squares toward a small black castle. The Rook dissolved into a mist which parted and disappeared as the Bishop came to rest. Nora had added the effect a few months ago and claimed that it was the same every time a piece was captured but, as he watched his last major piece disappear from the board, Thomas Jefferson “TJ” Clarke wasn’t so sure. It certainly looked more flamboyant when you were losing. Again. Read more…

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