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Change in schedule

Due to pressures and demands in my work life the weekly schedule for this blog is changing to “intermittent–it happens when it happens.” With the change and addition of responsibilities I do not have the time and (more importantly) the mental stamina to prepare the stories for the blog. I will continue working on the stories when I can and posting them when they are ready.

Thank you for understanding.



No story this weekend…

Due to illness, work requirements, and helping a friend move…well, I won’t have a story ready for this weekend. I will have one ready for next weekend.

In the meantime, check out Flash Pulp.  You’ll be glad you did!

Facing the darkness…

One day I may set my hand to writing some non-fiction, but it’s not something that particularly interests me. I mean…what’s the draw of writing non-fiction? Reporting the facts? Telling the truth? It seems like it would be too confining to only report what actually happened…and who determines the facts (much less the truth) of whatever happened?  Strangely enough…I think there are far too many Read more…

The Charred Tree Wiki is LIVE!

Just a quick note to announce that I have set up a wiki for The Charred Tree. This is as much a method for me to keep stories, characters, places, and timelines straight as for anything else. However, a friend suggested I make it available to my readers to use and explore…and I think that’s a grand idea!

So…here it is! Feel free to peruse the wiki. Most pages are stubs at this time but I plan to flesh them out over time. If you have enjoyed the tales from The Charred Tree and want to add some insight or fill in some of the blanks, please do so. The only thing I ask is that information added be put on the proper page with the stipulation that I may edit pages for format, move information to the proper page, or remove information that does not relate to the stories published here.


Story Delayed

Sorry, everyone. This week’s story will be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. I am almost done with the story and still have to edit it before posting it.

In the meantime, I encourage you to read an earlier piece that ties in with this week’s story. Enjoy!

The Price of Four Minutes

Author On Site — Farewell! Away! Down River!

A short clip of me on location to share a little about the setting of one of the stories on The Charred Tree, “Farewell! Away! Down River!” As some may know, my grandmother passed away last month and I traveled to central Alabama for the funeral. While there I visited some of the places from my childhood that stood out in my memory. This was one of them and since it was a direct tie-in with one of the stories I have published here, I chose to video a short bit to share here on the blog.

My apologies for the shakiness and jerkiness of the video. This is my first attempt at doing a video for the blog.

Story will be late this week

Due to unforeseen circumstances, oppressive heat, and required travel for work, the story this week will be a few days late. Expect it on Wednesday, July 4.

Sorry for the delay….


Story Installment Lists–Serial Stories

Greetings again, Faithful Readers!

I just wanted to take a moment to draw everyone’s attention to the installment lists I’ve placed on the site. One potential problem with serial stories is that some readers may join midstream and miss the first part of the story. By providing a list of the installments (in chronological order), those just joining in can catch up and those wanting to go back and revisit earlier installments can easily find them.

The link is at the top of the page (see the screenshot below for details) and there are separate lists for Bound By Silence and Diaspora.

Enjoy!  If you have suggestions for improvements to the site, please contact me at charredtree (at) “GeeMail” (dot) com (you know what to do to fix that! 😉 ).

Hiatus Is Over (or, “Where I’ve Been”)

Greetings, Faithful Readers!

I owe you all an apology. It has been over a month since my last activity here on The Charred Tree and I have missed being here. That being said, I really (REALLY!) should have taken the time to at least post something here letting you know that I hadn’t Read more…

Flash Pulp

I have to say it: I’m thrilled! One of my stories has made it onto Flash Pulp as a guestisode. Head over and give it a listen!

Read more…

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