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Bound By Silence: Rage


The following story contains mature themes and situations that some readers may find disturbing. Discretion is advised.

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The Price of Four Minutes

Frank Davenport burst into the coffee house and scanned the patrons for the man he had come to see. He spotted Jimmy McTiernan dressed in a white suit sitting in one of the big comfortable chairs near the back of the shop. He was sitting with his ever-present companion in chinos and a linen sportcoat. Frank strode toward the overstuffed chairs occupied by the loan shark and his companion. He dropped the duffle bag on the small table in front of the men. “There’s your money, Mr. McTiernan—every penny I owe you.” Read more…

The Chauchemar

It was a quiet night in the swamp. The fog that covered the water and land alike dampened all the normal night sounds and only a few could be heard—the scratchy calls of the tree frogs and locusts, the hoot of a nearby owl, the occasional splash in the water that could have been caused by just about anything. Rene poled the small pirogue through the dark and watched for possible hazards which could materialize out of the mist without warning. Read more…

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