The Charred Tree

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The Chauchemar

It was a quiet night in the swamp. The fog that covered the water and land alike dampened all the normal night sounds and only a few could be heard—the scratchy calls of the tree frogs and locusts, the hoot of a nearby owl, the occasional splash in the water that could have been caused by just about anything. Rene poled the small pirogue through the dark and watched for possible hazards which could materialize out of the mist without warning. Read more…


A Special Treat

Author’s Note:  I was issued a challenge and I’m not yet sure how I did with it. As those who have read my work may realize, much (dare I say ‘most’) of my work has a dark aspect and is geared more toward a more mature audience (this will become even more apparent as some of the serials play out on the blog…but I digress). Since I do not have children of my own, I have not felt the need to build tales with them in mind.

Until now. Read more…

Farewell! Away! Down River!

“Wake up, sleepyhead. It’s time to get ready to go to the river.”

Big Daddy’s voice spoke softly into his ear and woke him, without alarm, to the dim light of a candle set on the stool beside his pallet. Luke’s first inclination was to pull the hand-sewn quilt tight around his chin and go back to sleep—it was obvious from the fog that accented his grandfather’s breathing that the morning’s chill might be a bit more than just “pre-dawn.” Read more…

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