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Voices Week (Reblogged)

This looks like a fun exercise to stretch the old creative muscles. If you write (or have thought of writing), join me in doing this!


Yes folks, Voice Week is back—and we’ve got less than two months to get ready for it.


What is Voice Week?

Voice Week is the time the InMonsters (and anyone else who wants to join in) all step outside the voices we are used to and try writing something new. We’ll each write five different 100-word pieces—each piece told in a different voice. We’ll post a piece a day, Monday through Friday, in the first week of October. Then we’ll hop around to each other’s blogs, reading, commenting, learning, and offering constructive criticism. There’ll also be a prize or two awarded to randomly-selected voice writers (exact prize(s) to be announced soon).


What is voice?

Voice is the personality infused into your writing—from the words you choose, to the structure and rhythm of your sentences, and other little details, like whether you add accents or grammatical errors on purpose…

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One thought on “Voices Week (Reblogged)

  1. Sweet! Thanks for reblogging!

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