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A quick intermission…Sad Songs Blogfest 2012

The other day while looking around the internet for some research I took a break and cruised some blogs…just to see what other folks are doing. I have the great pleasure of knowing one particular blogger/writer/speaker/photographer, L. Diane Wolf, in person and her blog, Spunk on a Stick, is one of my usual stops when I do a bit of blog surfing.

That’s when I discovered that Diane is doing a Sad Songs Blogfest today (March 30). I’ve recently had several conversations with other writers about music and its role in our writing process so this fit right in with the discussions. I thought, “Why not?” The Blogfest is for sad songs, so I can list my top picks of what I listen to while writing something that needs to be sad.

So here goes….Enjoy!

Top 5 Sad Songs as chosen by DBJohnson at The Charred Tree

#5  My Immortal by Evanescence

Since I first heard this song, it has always evoked strong emotions. The lyrics pair exceptionally well with the music and Amy Lee’s vocals are perfect for this song. Quiet, introspective, contemplative, moody scene?  This music helps the writing flow.

#4 John’s Walk from the Ink soundtrack

Ink is a low-budget, high production value film that is a finely crafted story. It is extremely well done and is a visual and audio feast. You can tell when I’m impressed with the music when I buy the soundtrack before the movie is even over. The point in the move where this music is used is a keystone of the plot and this music is critical to the emotional impact of the scene. Desperate hope, making a stand, hard decisions–these types of scenes are covered.

#3 The Fisherman’s Song

I originally heard this song on a collection of Celtic music CD. The story told by the lyrics and and heart-rending music makes this song what I listen to when writing a scene involving loss or grief.

#2 Underneath The Weeping Willow by Grandaddy

I discovered the music of the group Grandaddy from two different friends on opposite sides of the globe at about the same time (so neither gets full credit). Their work evokes a range of emotions and this is one I can listen to on repeat for hours (I have). What I get from this one is being emotionally drained and just wanting to sleep and retreat from the problems that haunt you.

#1 Flirted With You All My Life by Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt was plagued by depression for much of his life after the accident that left him mostly paralyzed from the neck down when he was 18. While many (most?) of Chesnutt’s songs are heavily emotional, Flirted is by far the most touching and crushing look at his take on depression. This song is one I listen to while writing scenes involving hopelessness, depression, and weariness.

Hope you have enjoyed this list. It was interesting going through my collection to find which pieces of music are my favorite sad songs.


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12 thoughts on “A quick intermission…Sad Songs Blogfest 2012

  1. Your score/classical pieces… amazing choices… the rest of your list is strong.

    Please Check out My Sad Song List…
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  2. my immortal- i love that song!
    not familiar with any of the others though. 😦

  3. I’m not familiar with these, but love the images.

  4. spunkonastick on said:

    The only one I knew was My Immortal. I have it on both the Evanescence and the Daredevil CDs.

  5. spunkonastick on said:

    I don’t know the others but I have My Immortal on Evanescence’s album and the Dardevil soundtrack.

  6. I’m feeling old. Evanescence I know, but not that song… and i’ve heard of Ink… but I’m lost! need to go listen!

  7. I only knew evanescence. Thanks for some new tunes. Have a great weekend 🙂 WP hates me [i have a blog there & on blogger] so I have to sign in using Twitter.

    • No worries! I feel the same way about Blogger. Took forever this morning for me to be able to post comments there.

      Thanks for the comments. Enjoy the new tunes!

  8. I’ve made a lot of discoveries today, including your picks. I’m not familiar with any of them.

  9. Nice list here. My Immortal is actually one of my favorite songs and it completely slipped my mind when I was doing my list!

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